New York school district puts 2-pack limit on condiments for students

Credit: sideshowmom/Pixabay

Credit: sideshowmom/Pixabay

A school district in New York has decided to limit students to dispensing two 9-gram packs of condiments per meal, Newsday reported.

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Eastport-South Manor Assistant Superintendent Timothy Laube sent a letter to parents Tuesday that explained that the condiment crackdown was a move toward healthier eating habits for children and stricter adherence to federal and state nutrition guidelines, the newspaper reported.

Children will still be allowed to bring extra condiment packets to school. Laube wrote.

Last year, the school adopted packets after moving away from pump dispensers, Newsday reported.

"I haven't seen any kids complaining about ketchup, and I talk to the cashier staff and the kids don't seem to have an issue with it," Laube told the newspaper.

School board member Jeff Goldhammer said the new guidelines "are not a big deal" to his three school-age children, Newsday reported..

"I can understand it seems like a silly issue, but kids are only supposed to have a certain amount of calories,” Goldhammer told the newspaper.

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