Doctor preparing to have her own baby takes break to help mother in labor

You can say a doctor is never really off the clock, and for Amanda Hess, that’s also true even during labor.

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The obstetrician-gynecologist was preparing to give birth at a hospital in Kentucky but ended up delivering another patient's baby before her own.

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Hess told WKYT that a mother in labor was further along than her -- and as a doctor, she decided to take action.

The patient was already fully dilated while waiting for her on-call doctor to arrive at the hospital, but the patient’s baby was not going to wait, Hess said to WKYT.

"While she was getting into her patient gown to prepare for her induction and delivery, she overheard the nurses preparing for a woman in active labor who needed to deliver immediately because the baby was in distress -- that baby was coming and needed help," Dr. Hala Sabry, a friend of Hess's, wrote in a post on Facebook. "The patient's OBGYN was on their way but Dr. Hess ... knew that the baby needed attention now."

“I just put on another gown to cover up my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room, and I knew her," Hess told WKYT.

According to Inside Edition, the woman's room was only two doors down the hall.

Hess said she realized the patient was one of her own because she performed a checkup on her just days before, WKYT reported.

Once Hess delivered the patient's baby, she gave birth later that day to a healthy baby girl.


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