New details: Company to build 350,000-square-foot facility in Hamilton

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Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The corrugated-paper, box-making company that’s moving into Hamilton’s Enterprise Park has announced its identity.

Spain-based Saica Group (pronounced SAY-ka) calls itself “one of the largest and most advanced European players in the development and production of recycled paper for corrugated packaging.”

The Hamilton location will be the company’s first facility in North America. The company’s board of directors on Tuesday voted to open the facility.

This media outlet earlier this month reported that when it opens, the then-unknown business would be the sixth-largest user of electricity from Hamilton’s electric utility, 2nd-largest user of natural gas from the city, and 7th-largest consumer of the municipal utility’s water.

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The company, which had been using the name of a subsidiary, Origin Venture, plans to create a new 350,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the industrial park. That building will include 17,400 square feet of office space. It has promised to create 64 jobs.

The company, which has more than 10,000 employees in Europe, announced the Hamilton complex will be “state-of-the-art.” The company specializes in “high quality, efficient and environmentally responsible packaging materials,” it announced.

Saica operates in four business areas: Saica Natur manages waste and environmental services; Saica Paper is sustainable and innovative leader in recycled paper for corrugated board; Saica Pack, the third largest European company in producing corrugated packaging; and Saica Flex, which makes flexible packaging.

“They’ve got a number of facilities throughout Europe,” said city Economic Development Director Jody Gunderson. “They’re very much an industry leader throughout Europe.”

“They’re getting into a field that they’re very successful in throughout Europe, and it’s certainly something that is a growing sector in the United States as well, with as much e-commerce that is done these days,” Gunderson said. “They’re definitely on the cutting edge.”

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Boxes produced by Spain-based Saica Group, which is creating its first North American facility in Hamilton's Enterprise Park. PROVIDED
Boxes produced by Spain-based Saica Group, which is creating its first North American facility in Hamilton's Enterprise Park. PROVIDED

“It’s going to be state-of-the-art equipment they’ll be using in the building in the Enterprise Park,” Gunderson said.

Officials have not offered a timetable for when they hope the plant will open. It will have 55 employees when it opens, and 66 by the end of 2023, officials have said.

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