You can get fined for throwing snowballs in this Wisconsin city

As winter approaches and snow begins to blanket parts of the country, tossing snowballs is a fun diversion for children and adults. But in one Wisconsin town, throwing snowballs can be costly.

An ordinance in Wausau, Wisconsin, makes it illegal to throw snowballs in parts of the city, WCCO reported. The law states people cannot throw snowballs on public property -- such as city streets, sidewalks or at schools. Fines could be levied for violations, the television station reported.

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According to city officials, snowballs are considered to be in the same class as rocks, missiles and arrows, which are also illegal in Wausau.

"It's really in the interest of public safety. A lot of it is just consideration and common sense. You don't throw stuff at people, period," Wausau Mayor Robert B. Mielke told WCCO.

“No person shall throw or shoot any object, arrow, stone, snowball or other missile or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person or at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city,” the ordinance reads.

Mielke told the television station the ordinance was passed several years ago because of issues with projectiles. Plus, it protects the city from litigation, he said.

As for enforcing the ordinance, police told WCCO they could not recall an incident where someone was fined for throwing snow.

"We would address it appropriately, and in my head—I don't know if a citation would be appropriate," Wausau officer Mason Hagenbucher told Newsweek. "You never know."

However, it’s still OK to have snowball fights on private property.

"What people do in their own private yards or private property is their own business," Mielke told Newsweek.

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