79-year-old woman facing jail for feeding stray cats, gets reprieve

Nancy Segula was facing 10 days in jail for continuing to feed stray cats in her neighborhood, but the 79-year-old will remain a free woman after an Ohio judge suspended her jail sentence on contempt of court charges.

Segula had received citations starting in 2015 for animal violations that included feeding stray cats. But despite the citations, and complaints by neighbors, she continued to feed the strays, WJW reported.

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A judge who heard her review hearing sentenced the woman to 10 days behind bars for contempt of court because the feedings violated her probation sentence from her November 2017 conviction of failing to properly dispose of animal waste, WOIO reported.

In recent days, the Garfield Heights animal warden along with other animal advocates went to Segula's home to remove the strays that were attracted to her property, WJW reported.

The animals trapped were given medical care, Cleveland.com reported.

Officials trapped at least 10 cats over the past week, according to Cleveland.com.

Segula was also ordered to remove anything that would give shelter to the animals and to not feed the strays in the neighborhood, WJW reported.

She also will have to undergo mental health counseling, WOIO reported.

Segula had said she felt happy taking care of the animals and that feeding the strays was one of her joys, WOIO reported.

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