14-year-old girl snags 2 bucks with 1 arrow

A 14-year-old girl snared two bucks using a single arrow on a recent hunting trip.

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Matiah Christensen hit eight-point and three-point bucks during the trip.

"You had to see it to believe it," her father, John Christensen, told WISN. "You can see how it happened. She got two bucks with a single shot, which makes that two more bucks than I've ever shot in my life."

A three-point buck passed by. About an hour later, it returned with the eight-point buck and a few does, WISN reported. Matiah drew her bow and fired.

"We didn't know if I hit anything because they all ran in different directions," Matiah told WISN.

They followed the trails of blood and found the carcasses. The arrow went off the eight-point buck and then struck the three-point buck.

Wildlife officials allowed her to keep the eight-point buck and the antlers from both. She plans to display them, as well as the arrow.

"People are saying, like: 'You hit your peak pretty young. I don't think you're going to be able to top that,'" Matiah told WISN. "But I'll keep hunting."

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