Woman whose groceries were paid for by Ludacris raises $1,000 for rapper's foundation

A woman determined to pay back rapper Ludacris for his good deed did so more than twice over.

In late July, Therra Jaramillo said she was at an Atlanta Whole Foods when Luda paid for her entire grocery order, which was mostly made up of food for her rescue animals.

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Jaramillo, whose mother died in Hurricane Katrina and whose husband died of brain cancer, according to a report,  took to Facebook to raise money for The Ludacris Foundation.

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"I know Luda doesn't personally want the $375 back that he spent on my groceries, that was his kindness being a blessing," Jaramillo said in a Facebook post Tuesday. "It was true generosity. I remain grateful.

“But will you help me pay this good man back by supporting his foundation? It would make my birthday this year a celebration of the heart for me, and you'd be helping some fine folks do some mighty fine work.”

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She ended up surpassing her $375 goal for the foundation, which works to improve the lives of young people thorough programs on leadership and education, health and community events. More than $1,000 has been raised.

"I want others to receive," Jaramillo said in a reply to a comment on the post. "We all need kindness and we can all give it."

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