Woman smashes bus window with jack, rams driver with car, police say

Mariana Silver. (Photo: DC Police)
Mariana Silver. (Photo: DC Police)

A woman smashed a bus window with a car jack, rammed it with her car then tried to run down the bus driver in a fit of road rage Thursday, police said.

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Mariana Silver, 20, was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon Friday, WTTG reported.

Witnesses told WTTG Silver was trying to pass the Greyhound bus when she side-swiped it. Silver then got mad when the bus driver tried to stop her from driving off.

Video shows Silver using part of a car jack to smash the bus window. The driver then stands in front of Silver's car to keep her from leaving the scene when she rams him and drives off, WABC reported.

"Our standard protocol includes an interview with drivers following any incident, and we will continue cooperating with law enforcement on this matter as it is still under investigation," Greyhound officials told WTTG.

The bus driver suffered minor injuries but was able to complete the route to Union Station.