Woman runs away after she is found screaming in trash compactor

A sanitation worker had quite a surprise when he was collecting trash in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

A worker was emptying a dumpster into a garbage truck's compactor when he heard screams, police said, according to The Rock Hill Herald.

He stopped the equipment and that’s when the worker found a woman inside the truck.

The woman as able to get out of the truck and ran away, police told the newspaper.

Police said they do not know if the woman was hurt in the incident and whether she was in the dumpster or if she was already in the truck when the worker turned the compactor on, the Herald reported.

Police believe the woman had been looking for shelter during storms, but reminded residents that it is illegal to "dumpster dive" or go through city-owned dumpsters that are ready to be picked up because of the dangers the activity poses, the Herald reported.

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