Woman makes daring escape after being raped, held captive, police say

A woman in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, survived a violent weekend after being kidnapped and raped, authorities said.

Police said that when they talked to the victim, she was shaking and crying. She said she was raped twice the night before by two different men, one named Percy and another man, who was identified by police as Richard Bankosh, and arrested, according to court documents.

The victim told police she met a young man at a beer distributor in Jeannette the night before and went back to his house on Penn Avenue for a few drinks, court documents said. She reportedly didn't feel well and laid down in a bedroom. She said she woke up to Percy ripping her pants off and raping her, then a few minutes later, Bankosh came in the room.

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“[He] physically put her on the bed by grabbing her arms and then began holding her down. The victim stated the she again pled multiple times, 'stop, no, please stop,'" according to court documents.

The men threatened to kill her, she told police, specifying that they “knew how to make bodies disappear," court documents said.

The next day, Bankosh allegedly forced her into his car and threatened to kill her if she left. She escaped when she convinced him to take her to a relative’s home for alcohol, authorities said.

Bankosh is facing several charges, including rape, sexual assault and making terroristic threats.

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