Woman’s ‘magic trick’ prank on husband goes viral


Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

An Indiana woman’s ingenious April Fool’s Day prank on her husband has gained national attention as it has been shared more than 1.6 million times across social media.

Marietta Spencer Tyks, of South Bend, posted the video to her Facebook page on Sunday, saying that she saw the prank on the social media network and decided to try it on her husband, Tommy Tyks.

“Watch it and try not to laugh,” Tyks wrote.

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In the video, Tyks told her husband she was going to perform a magic trick by surreptitiously getting a penny into a bottle of water. She placed the penny on their kitchen counter, stood the bottle of water on top of it and covered the bottle with a towel.

“When I say the magic words, the penny’s going to go inside the bottle,” she told her husband.

“Really?” Tommy Tyks replied. “Okay, let me see this happen.”

Suppressing a grin, Marietta Tyks began waving her hands over the covered bottle and chanting, “Woogey boogey.” Smiling, her husband joined her in the chant.

She removed the towel, looked into the mouth of the bottle and told her husband, “Okay, now you look down in there, and the penny’s inside the bottle.”

When Tommy Tyks leaned over to look into the bottle’s mouth, his wife squeezed the bottle, shooting cold water into his face.

“Oh!” he cried as his wife began laughing hysterically. A moment later, a soaking wet Tommy Tyks joined her in her laughter.

As of Thursday morning, the Tyks’ Facebook video had been viewed more than 72 million times.

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