Woman delivers healthy baby after surviving aneurysm while pregnant

A Michigan woman is enjoying time with her new baby boy after doctors said she beat all odds, surviving an aneurysm while pregnant and making a full recovery.

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Anna Weeber, of Michigan, is the proud mother of 4-week-old Hudson and 2-year-old Declan. She recently reunited with the doctor who saved her, Dr. Justin Singer, of Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.

“I’m so excited,” Weeber said, according to an article posted by Spectrum Health. “This is the guy that saved my life and my baby’s life.”

According to People, when Weeber was 26 weeks pregnant, she suffered a blinding headache while preparing to go out on a bike ride with her husband and her son. The pain was so bad that she started vomiting.

As her husband, Nate, called 911, she realized she couldn’t feel the left side of her body.

“From that moment on, I don’t remember anything,” Weeber said.

When she arrived at the hospital, doctors performed tests and soon identified a ruptured brain aneurysm. An aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel balloons in the brain. When it ruptures, the vessel pops, and could cause a life-threatening stroke.

Singer felt moved by Weeber's case because his own wife was 24 weeks pregnant at the time.

Weeber underwent surgery and spent weeks in the hospital for observation and recovery. Amazingly, she suffered no complications after the aneurysm.

According to Spectrum Health, half of the patients who suffer an aneurysm don't survive, and most who do survive never return to full health.

Last month, she and her husband welcomed their 9-pound baby boy.

“After Hudson was first born, he and I would make eye contact when I was holding him and I would just start crying,” Weeber said. “We had both been through so much, and I felt like he knew that.”

When the family reunited with Singer, his eyes welled up with tears.

“I didn’t expect to feel so emotional,” said Singer. “This is fantastic … It makes me feel good.”

Anna and Nate credit her excellent recovery to the doctors who cared for her and the power of prayer. According to Spectrum Health, Nate put out a prayer request on Facebook when his wife first fell ill.

“People all around the world were praying for us,” said Nate.

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After surviving an aneurysm while pregnant, miracle patient Anna Weeber introduces her newborn to her neurosurgeon. http://bit.ly/2jVm9OJ

Posted by Spectrum Health on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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