Woman accused of hitting man with belt at bar, breaking bones in his face

A woman is facing charges after she allegedly hit a man with a belt at a bar in Midway, Pennsylvania, breaking bones in his face, authorities said.

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An ambulance rushed to Kramer’s Tavern in Midway Saturday night, responding to a report of a man bleeding from his eye, unable to see. The victim said he suffered a broken eye socket and cheek bone after being struck in the face with a belt.

Investigators said the victim heard a couple fighting in the bar’s parking lot and went to break it up. He told police that he returned to his seat in the bar, was approached from behind by the woman involved in the altercation outside and then was hit in the face with a belt.

“He went inside, minding his own business. Moments later, she followed him inside (and) stated she 'needed to hit something,'” McDonald police Officer Michael Dhanse said.

Police said the woman, later identified as Meredith Allen, then removed her belt and struck the victim from behind in his right eye.

“They found a lot of broken bones in his face. (He has a) very bad black eye right now,” Dhanse said.

Witnesses told officers that they heard a “crack’ so loud that they thought something hit a wall, not someone’s face.

Allen reached out to the victim, apologizing, and saying she is not a monster and wanted to make everything right, according to WPXI.

Allen was arrested Sunday night. Authorities said she was arraigned and released from Washington County jail Monday morning after posting $10,000 bail. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 7.

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