Wine kegs are real; find out where they’re sold

Boxed wine is so 1960s. Now wine in a keg is a thing, at least in New York City.

Bridge Lane Wine out of New York has invented a wine keg for those aficionados who have a large social circle who also love vino.

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The keg holds about 26 bottles of white merlot, sauvignon blanc, a red blend, chardonnay or rosé, Delish reported.

On #nationaldrinkwineday we’re tapping a keg of Chard 💛💛

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It uses a standard beer keg tap, or you can add one of the company’s taps when checking out.

After you tap the keg, which looks like a supersized plastic bucket, the wine inside will stay fresh for up to two days, according the winery, and 4 weeks in a kegerator. If you leave it sealed, it's good for up to 6 months, Delish reported.

The keg is only available for those living in Long Island or New York, but wine lovers outside the Empire State, don't fret. The same volume of wine is available to you, but the bladder filled with alcohol will be shipped, provided that you're old enough to consume, in a heavy-duty cardboard case, and not the plastic keg, Delish reported.

The keg costs $240. Bridge Lane Wine also offers its vintages in more traditional forms like a bottle for $20, a box of wine for about $38 and a four-pack of cans, with each can equal to about a half a bottle, for around $34.

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For more information, visit Bridge Lane Wine's website.

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