UPDATE: Customer's $5,000 tip to server grieving loss of dog wasn't what it seemed

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

$5,000 Tip Given To Florida Waitress As Part Of Revenge Plot By Upset Girlfriend, Authorities Say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The story went, a server at a Florida restaurant was having a bad day Thursday, but a generous customer turned things around in a hurry with a $5,000 tip. But it wasn't what it seemed.

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The server at the Clear Sky Beachside Cafe in Clearwater Beach was grieving the loss of her dog, WFTS reported. Her customer's bill Thursday night was $55.37, but when she looked at her tip, the customer had left $5,000, the television station reported.

"Having a bad day? Hang in there, things can get better quick!" restaurant officials posted on Facebook in a post that has been deleted.

The restaurant did not reveal the name of the customer, WFTS reported.

But days later, the customer who had been unidentified was found out and she apparently didn't have a philanthropic reason for the big tip.

Police have charged Serina Wolfe, from Buffalo, New York, with grand theft because she put the $5,000 tip on her boyfriend's credit card as revenge, WFTS reported this week.

Wolf, according to the affidavit, had argued with her boyfriend about his refusing to buy her a plane ticket to New York.

Police said he had put a hold on his card, but when it was lifted, she made the $5,000 charge, according to WFTS.

She said she didn't do it, but then he reported the tip to his credit card company as a fraudulent charge, saying she was either drunk or trying to seek revenge, police said.

Cafe officials were told the charge was a fraud earlier this week, but after the restaurant paid the waitress for the tip, WFTS reported.

Wolfe gave police the card when she was arrested.

The television station reported there's no word on if the server will get to keep the tip.