10-week-old puppy from southeast Missouri has tail growing out of his forehead

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Meet the 'unicorn puppy', the adorable pup with a 'tail' growing out of his forehead

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

This is quite a dog tale.

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A 10-week-old dachshund mix from southeast Missouri has what looks like a tail growing out of his forehead, and his puppy dog eyes have taken the internet by storm.

The puppy's name -- Narwhal -- pays tribute to the toothed whale that has a large tusk growing from its head that is actually a protruding canine tooth. However, some people on social media are calling him a "unicorn puppy."

"He's got an extra what looks like a perfect tail sitting in the center of his forehead," Brian Heuring, a veterinarian at Cape Small Animal Clinic in Cape Girardeau, told WFVS.

Narwhal was found earlier this month by Mac's Mission, an area rescue group, KDSK reported.

Officials from Mac's Mission took the puppy to the veterinarian, who said there was no reason to remove the growth, KVFS reported.

Since Narwhal's photo was posted Friday on social media, the pup has received thousands of comments and the original post has been shared numerous times.

Narwhal is not bothered by the tail, and he is unable to wag it.

"He is pretty much the most unique amazing example of what we do here, and we are so thankful to have the chance to be part of his journey," officials with the rescue said in a Facebook post.

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