9-week-old British boy has better hair than you

A 9-week-old British boy is making waves -- of long, luxurious hair unlike anything his mother could have imagined.

Junior Cox-Noon turns heads wherever his mother, Chelsea Noon, takes him due to the amazing head of hair he was born with. Noon, 32, told the Daily Mail that Junior's appearance was a surprise when he was born on July 30.

“He came out with loads of hair,” Noon said. “I didn’t realize how much until he had his first bath.”

Noon said that midwives and other healthcare workers told her that at least some of Junior’s hair would likely fall out -- a common occurrence with newborns -- but that it never happened. Instead, his hair grew.

She said that grocery shopping takes hours now because everyone they meet has to stop and touch Junior's hair, the Daily Mail reported.

“He doesn’t seem to mind and gets a little smirk on his face,” Noon said.

Noon said the baby cries if she puts a hat on him head to help him go incognito.

The hairdresser, who blow dries her son’s hair because it would take too long to dry on its own, said she has no plan to have his hair cut.

“People say to me, ‘Are you going to cut it?” Noon said, “But it’s too unique, so I’m going to leave it as it is.”