Website claims to sell Social Security numbers

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It's a blunt statement, but identity thieves are targeting your dead relatives.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Identity thieves are targeting dead people through a website that claims to sell Social Security numbers for $249.

The Better Business Bureau began to investigate the website after Channel 9’s Mike Manzoni began asking questions. offers a, “guaranteed way to find someone’s Social Security number,” and said the purchase is, “legal as soon as you have a valid purpose.”

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The website lists those purposes as debt recovery, or a forgotten Social Security number.

When Manzoni showed the website to Better Business Bureau of Central Florida president Holly Salmons, she said the purposed aren’t valid.

“If you did have these documents, you’d probably already have the Social Security number,” Salmons said.

But she said what’s even more troubling about the services the website claims to offer is that all the information a user needs can be found in an obituary.

She said that puts families at higher risk.

“Their credit may just be sitting in pristine condition, and if a scammer gets a hold of it and they use it, they use it for perhaps quite a while before it is detected,” said Salmons.

When Manzoni called the number on the website, it went straight to an answering machine.

“Anyone who’s using this type of service to purchase a Social Security number—their motivations should really be questioned,” said Salmons.

The BBB of Central Florida said its Delaware office is working on the investigation and will challenge the website’s business claims.

The office received two complaints in the past about the site, but closed those cases without a resolution.

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