WATCH: 4-year-old bursts into tears when she learns President Obama is leaving office

A 4-year-old fan of President Barack Obama isn't quite ready to see another person in the Oval Office.

My daughter Abella overheard me listening to the Democratic Convention last night and she is pretty devastated that Barack Obama is leaving the White House...who isn't?!

Posted by Andrea Tomlin on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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In a viral video posted to Facebook last week, Abella Tomlin of Beaverton, Oregon, sobs as she learns that Obama will be leaving office next year, the Huffington Post reports.

"Why are you so sad?" her mom, Andrea, asks in the clip. 
"Because I miss Barack Obama," Abella replies, bursting into tears.

Andrea told the Telegraph that Abella has always admired Obama.

"She has grown up with him as a hero in our household, and as such has always talked about how much she loves him," Andrea said.

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