WATCH: Shark knocks Florida boy off surfboard

A 7-year-old Florida boy was knocked off his surfboard Saturday by a shark in an area known as the “shark attack capital of the world.”

The incident was caught on a GoPro camera.

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Shaun Moore, a professional wakeboarder, told People that he and his son Chandler were at New Smyrna Beach, riding the waves for about 15 minutes before Chandler fell off his surfboard. Moore said Chandler told him that something had bumped him off his surfboard. The pair didn't see anything at the time, so they continued surfing.

It was only when Moore took the footage from the GoPro camera attached to his son’s surfboard and posted it on Instagram that commenters pointed out the presence of a shark. Upon closer review, Moore said it was a blacktip shark that struck Chandler’s surfboard.

It's not unusual for sharks to be present in the waters of New Smyrna Beach, which National Geographic has named the "shark attack capital of the world."

Moore and Chandler told People that the shark encounter will not deter them from surfing.

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