WATCH: Police officer appears to fall asleep on job in cellphone video

Credit: cocoparisienne /

Credit: cocoparisienne /

The Holly Springs Police Department in Mississippi is investigating after one of its officers was caught on video, appearing to fall asleep while working.

The officer, who WHBQ chose not to identify, was shown dozing off as he tried finishing a police report for a woman dealing with credit card fraud.

"I don't know if he gathered all the information that he needed or anything like that and he fell asleep," said Tamatha Johnson, the woman who recorded the video.

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Holly Springs police were made aware of the incident by WHBQ. The department told WHBQ that the officer informed his superiors that he was recently diagnosed with a disorder.

“At this point, we don’t have any paperwork to this effect, but it’s still under investigation,” said Assistant Police Chief Darryl Bowens.

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The department said if the officer cannot prove his illness, he will be disciplined. They also acknowledged they are short-handed, but they said it shouldn't be a factor in this incident.

Johnson, who is still dealing with another issue, said things could've ended much worse.

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