Walmart worker accused of pulling loaded gun, threatening coworker

A Walmart employee who had prior issues with a coworker is accused of pulling a loaded gun on the coworker after the two got in an argument Tuesday afternoon at a store in Jupiter, Florida, according to authorities.

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Suspect Mia Millines, 21, was arrested on an aggravated assault charge after the fight Tuesday at the West Indiantown Road Walmart, Jupiter police said.

The West Palm Beach resident is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Millines cannot have contact with any Walmart stores or any of the people involved in the incident.

Millines told authorities she was clocking out of work that evening when her coworker walked by “and pointed her finger at her,” an arrest report states.

Records indicate the coworkers had problems with each other prior to the Tuesday incident.

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Millines allegedly grabbed a gun from her car, tucked it in her waistband and returned to the store. She walked toward the coworker, the coworker's sister and the store manager in the customer service area and, according to Millines, the coworker randomly punched her in the head.

However, surveillance footage shows Millines lift up her shirt before the coworker threw the punch. Witnesses said she was showing them a gun.

After she was punched, Millines pulled out the gun and pointed it at them. A bystander grabbed Millines as the sisters ran out of the store.

A loss-prevention officer told Jupiter police someone yelled “gun.”

Police said the gun was loaded with 16 rounds.

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Millines was arrested in 2015 when she was allegedly the getaway driver in an armed robbery near Jupiter beach. Authorities dropped the charges against Millines in that case, court records show.

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