Walmart will pay bonus for perfect attendance

Walmart employees who don’t miss much work will be getting extra cash in their paychecks.

Officials with the company said they will allow employees to miss up to five days every six months for unexpected absences, CNN reported.

In addition, they will also get six days a year of what company officials call “protected PTO” that can be used for illnesses and emergencies. Those days, like regular vacation days, won’t count against the attendance bonus.

Employees will not be eligible for the bonus if they use any of the five days of unexpected absences, CNN reported.

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If they don’t use the days, they get a bonus every quarter. If an employee makes $11 an hour, they will get about $550 at the end of the quarter. Hourly supervisors could make $900.

Company officials said the new attendance plan will help increase attendance, CNN reported.

Last year, Walmart introduced paid maternity and paternity leave for full-time workers and increased minimum wage to $11 an hour, CNN reported.

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