Vultures a swooping menace at university in Virginia

A flock of unwanted guests have joined the student body at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, and the unruly bunch are causing a lot of damage.

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Unfortunately for university officials, the troublemakers can't be expelled. A university office building has become home to a group of vultures. "They're big, they're scary, we want them to leave," CNU External Relations Director Tom Kramer told WAVY.

The birds arrived about a month ago, Kramer said, and they've started to attack cars. The vultures seem to like the rubber and foam strips that can be found on windshield wipers, WAVY reported. Some school employees have had to file insurance claims because of the damage the birds have done to their vehicles.

While no attacks on humans has been reported yet, some university staff have reported the birds swooping close to their heads.

Getting rid of the vultures won't be easy, because the birds are protected by law, WAVY reported. The university has hired a wildlife control expert and is getting creative in ways to encourage the birds to find a new home. In addition to owl decoys and spinners, time might be the best solution of all. Vultures migrate like many other birds, and university officials are hopeful that they will leave the campus soon.

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