Virginia man convicted of raping child in RV ‘dungeon’ receives 5 life sentences

A Virginia man has been sentenced to five life terms plus 100 years in prison after he was convicted of multiple child sex charges, including rape, authorities said.

In a Dec. 18 news release, the Louisa County Sheriff's Office said Raymond W. Harry Jr., 35, pleaded guilty to four counts of child rape, one count of forcible sodomy and 50 counts of child porn production in what Commonwealth Attorney Rusty McGuire described as "one of the vilest and most disgusting cases I have seen."

The news came more than a year after a Virginia state trooper arrested Harry on suspicion of transporting methamphetamine on Oct. 19, 2018. Harry was taken to the Central Virginia Regional Jail, where he "called his sister and asked her to go to his recreational vehicle, or 'RV,' and delete all data on his phones and in his email accounts," the news release said. After discovering "videos and still images" of her brother committing sex crimes against a child, the sister told her father, who notified the Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office, authorities said. By then, Harry had been released after posting bail.

On Dec. 1, 2018, detectives executed a search warrant on Harry's RV, rescued the child and apprehended Harry, who was armed with a pistol, officials said. Inside the vehicle, authorities "found numerous cellphones, digital media storage devices, drugs, drug paraphernalia, guns and observed a den of hell," according to the news release.

"The evidence revealed that his RV and places he stayed were his dungeons of abuse," the release said. "He set up cameras, produced, directed, and carried out violent rape and sexual abuse of the child."

The scenes included a cage, "bondage devices" and other props, authorities said. Videos also showed Harry giving the victim meth, according to the release.

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