Video shows SeaWorld orca trying to beach itself at water park

An orca filmed beaching itself during a stage show at a Spanish water park is the same killer whale seen banging its head against a wall earlier this year.

The video, posted by Dolphin Project, an animal activist nonprofit, shows the SeaWorld-owned orca named Morgan lying atop a concrete pad after a show at Loro Parque in Tenarife, Spain.

"The video represents just a few minutes of images of Morgan, right after the end of a regular presentation in OrcaOcean," the park wrote. "It is absolutely illogical and absurd to assume that the length and the quality of such video would be sufficient to make a conclusion and declaration of such nature."

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Morgan is the same orca that was seen in a video banging its head against its wall two months ago. At the time the park said that the orca was expelling pent-up frustration when it was unable to enter a pool with an orca of the opposite sex. "The interpretation that Morgan is suffering a panic attack is completely incorrect and malicious," the park wrote.

Morgan is owned by SeaWorld Park and Entertainment and has been on loan to the Spanish park since 2011. Morgan's behavior is normal and the whale will continue to be used in shows, SeaWorld told FoxNews.

Loro Parque's statement continued: "(The Park) wants to emphasize the importance of relying on the information issued by scientific and specialized in matters of animal welfare and not for organizations that are clearly against zoological institutions."