Video shows passenger arguing with flight attendant over pasta

A passenger got into an argument with a flight attendant, because he said his row was served last.

Ra Nath was on a June 5 American Airlines flight flight from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, to Miami.

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In the video, Nath confronts a flight attendant, who is not named, asking him why his row, in the second row the business class section of the airplane, was served last.

Nath told ABC News he asked the attendant about it when the crew ran out of pasta

"I just wanted to know why my row got asked last," Nath said in a June 8 blog post. "I mean, I was in the second rows of business class, and the rows behind me and in front of me were asked. That is no order that makes sense in my mind."

Nath begins recording video and asking the flight attendant for his name, but he does not tell him.

"Shut up, and don't talk to me again, OK?" the flight attendant said, according to the video. "If you talk to me again, I tell the cops, and you get arrested in Miami."

Nath told ABC News he was not detained, and a female flight attendant apologized to him for the other attendant's behavior.

A spokesman for American Airlines said the incident is being internally reviewed.

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