Video shows male penguins in love triangle fight over female

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Penguins are often considered cute and adorable, but video from the National Geographic Channel shows that they are still wild animals.

A clip from Nat Geo's "Animal Fight Night" shows male Magellanic penguins going at each other over a female Magellanic penguin, who is the wife of one of the penguins and the mother to their chicks.

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The graphic video shows two male penguins violently pecking each other, drawing blood.

As a penguin husband comes home, he finds another male penguin with his wife and he's not having it.

After one round, the penguins call to the female so that she may determine the victor. She chooses homewrecker and he goes into their burrow.

But the husband, who also has chicks with the female penguin, follows the homewrecker into their home for another fight.

The battle gets even bloodier. After all is said and done, the wife still chooses the other penguin.

The narrator of the video can be heard saying, "In a colony of nearly a quarter of a million, there are plenty more fish in the sea."

Understandably, people were upset by the result:

Better luck next time, penguin.

Watch the video below:

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