UPS truck crashes, spilling more than 1,000 packages across freeway

A sea of packages scattered across Interstate 495 in Massachusetts on Wednesday night after a UPS truck crashed.

The company sent another truck to help with the cleanup and tried to reload some of the packages that fell off the damaged truck in Chelmsford.

Massachusetts State Police said two tractor-trailers crashed and the UPS truck was pried open like a sardine can.

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The entire side of the box truck was shorn off, spilling more than 1,000 packages across 495. Many of them were damaged – either smashed or crushed.

The crash shut down two of the three lanes on 495 in Chelmsford as crews worked to clean up the spilled packages and smashed styrofoam.

This was one of two crashes that state police responded to in the same area of the highway. Three of the vehicles involved in the pair of crashes were tractor-trailers.

Three people were checked out at the hospital for injuries.

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