This single mom used to be homeless; now she owns a booming salon

When Daisha Fitzgerald moved to Georgia, her family did not have a place to call home. Now she has her own residence, car and salon.

After relocating to Atlanta, Fitzgerald was in need of childcare so she could find work. This led the single mother to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, a nonprofit that offers social services and free day care for families in need. One of the resources they provide is an employment prep class, which helped Fitzgerald launch her business.

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“Came here with two bags of clothes and a child,” she said. “I’m very grateful for Atlanta Children’s Shelter because they helped me when no one else did.”

Fitzgerald grew up in the foster care system. The Washington, D.C., native said she chose to move south to escape an abusive relationship.

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“I left to save my life as well as my children’s lives, and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made,” she said.

The Atlanta Children's Shelter has been providing services to homeless families since 1986.

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