Thieves steal car from driveway with 10-year-old boy inside

An Atlanta father is counting his blessings Tuesday after a thief stole his car with his 10-year old son still inside.

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The father, who was taking his two children to school, started his car, then remembered he had left his coffee inside the house.

He was gone only a few seconds, but that's all the time the thief needed.

Ezra Zyskowski, 10, still can't believe what happened to him Tuesday morning in front of his southeast Atlanta house.

Neither can his father, Pete.

“Kind of shell shocked, you know,” Pete Zyskowski said. “Kind of angry about the whole thing."

One of the thieves jumped out of their car and jumped right into the Dodge Charger's driver's seat with Ezra Zyskowski still in the back.

“The guy jumps into the car and I said, ‘What the heck!’ And I just jumped out,” Ezra Zyskowski said.

The thieves got away with the car, but Ezra was OK.

Pete Zyskowski hopes police find the car soon but says that for now, he's proud of his quick-thinking son.

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