Thieves rip hole in woman’s bedroom to break into apartment

An Atlanta woman says burglars may have entered her apartment by tearing through a wall.

Veta Walker believes someone first broke into an abandoned apartment next to hers, then cut holes through the wall into her apartment and stole whatever they could find.

“I came here Saturday around 2 p.m., found everything demolished,” Walker said.

She showed WSB-TV where she said someone broke in by tearing a hole in her bedroom wall.

“That’s crazy when we still have to sleep in here. Never know what would happen,” Walker said.

On the afternoon of Dec. 14, Walker said it appears someone used the hole to get in the apartment or see what was inside before kicking down the back door, as well.

She told WSB-TV that luckily, neither she nor her children were home at the time.

“I didn’t know what to do. Like, it was terrifying,” Walker said.

She said the abandoned, run-down apartment next door gave burglars easy access to her apartment.

On Wednesday, the door of that apartment was still open and a couple of holes were still in the wall.

Walker said management at her complex in the 900 block of New Town Circle didn’t do a good job securing it.

“I think they could do better. Have a safe environment for the kids, really,” Walker said.

WSB-TV tried contacting apartment management Wednesday but with no luck.

Walker said the burglars got away with a long list of electronics including four TVs and her children’s video games.

"When you take from a kid, it’s very painful. Very painful,” Walker said.

Police told WSB-TV they are still investigating the incident.

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