Texas woman unhurt after tire crashes into windshield on interstate

A Texas woman was unhurt Saturday after a tire crashed through her windshield as she drove on an interstate highway, authorities said.

Erika Chance said she was driving south on Interstate 45 near the Village of Tiki Island exit in Galveston County when a tire struck her windshield, destroying it, KTRK reported.

The impact caused a massive hole in the windshield and extensive damage to the roof of her car.

"It was a tire, coming over the causeway, I mean, a tall wall, that you don't expect anything is going to be next to you," Chance told KTRK. "You don't know where it comes from, and you have literally a split-second to make an instantaneous decision on what you're gonna do.

“Mine just happened to be, hold the wheel steady, and move my head to the left naturally.”

Chance's father told KTRK she leaned far to the left in her car and the tire was able to completely miss her.

A wrecker driver said the tire was not tied down in the bed of a truck traveling in front of Chance, the television station reported.

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