Texas driver avoids injury when pelican crashes through windshield

A woman driving on a Texas causeway had a big scare Wednesday when a pelican crashed through her windshield, KTRK reported.

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Shane Long told the television station his wife was driving on the Galveston Causeway when she saw birds struggling against strong winds.

"I guess the wind was really, really strong, and they were just struggling coming over the causeway," Long told KTRK. "It was forcing them down."

Long said a brown pelican smashed into his wife's windshield.

"She had shards of glass on her lap and just little pieces," Long told KTRK. "She had to come home and we got her in the shower to get that off."

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According Greg Whittaker, an animal husbandry manager at Moody Gardens in Galveston, such an incident is rare, but if a pelican hits a windshield the impact could lead to shattered glass.

"If you could imagine your family's turkey on Thanksgiving, (the pelican has a) fairly hefty body mass, Whittaker told KTRK. "If you encounter that at 60 or 70 mph in a vehicle, it can cause damage."

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