Teens arrested in plot to kill ex-girlfriend’s father after breakup

Credit: Ian Waldie

Credit: Ian Waldie

Two teen boys in Jefferson County, Missouri, are accused of plotting to kill the father of a girl who broke up with one of the suspects.

Casey Lynn Duncan, 18, asked his friend Jesse Noal Killian, 19, to help him break into a home and kill the man, WTKR reports.

Police said that the two teens brought a knife, a replica Beretta handgun and a loaded .22-caliber rifle to the man’s home in Imperial on June 24.

According to KTVI, the two debated breaking in the back door and shooting the victim, but got into the home through an unlocked door in an attached garage.

While they were in the garage, police said the teens took alcoholic beverages from a fridge and put them in the victim’s parked SUV.

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Duncan and Killian allegedly went into the home and found the man, his wife and young child asleep in the living room.

They weren’t able to follow through with their plan, police said, so they fled in the victim’s SUV, stealing the alcohol and garage remotes.

Authorities were able to track the SUV using the car’s GPS tracker and located the two teens at a nearby hospital.

Police said that Killian cut his leg while climbing into the SUV and required stitches.

"So they looked beyond just the initial crime of stealing a motor vehicle and discovered that there was a much bigger plot here," Sgt. Matt Moore, of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, told KTVI.

Duncan allowed police to search his phone and investigators found texts between the two teens discussing the murder plot over the last several days.

Killian told police that he intended to help Duncan kill the man, but allegedly said Duncan stopped the plan when he didn’t shoot and kill his intended target.

Police told WTKR that Duncan was armed with the handgun -- which turned out to be an unloaded replica weapon.

Both teens are now facing charges of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree burglary and stealing a car.

Both are in jail in lieu of $500,000 bond each.

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