Teen wears hilarious disguise to spy on best friend's first date

A Texas teen apparently went to great – and hilarious – lengths to make sure her best friend had a successful first date.

According to the Huffington Post, Dawsyn Eubanks, 19, of Dallas, was at a restaurant with her date Thursday when she received a text message.

"Why aren't you eating your food?" read the message from Eubanks' best friend, 18-year-old Georgia Hoyer.
"What?" Eubanks responded.

"Look behind you," Hoyer wrote.
That's when Eubanks saw an unexpected third wheel at a nearby table: Hoyer, dressed in a hoodie and sunglasses with a fake mustache.

"I just busted out laughing," Eubanks told the Post, adding that Hoyer has "always been super spontaneous but she also cares about my wellbeing."

Eubanks shared the story in a tweet, which quickly went viral. It now has more than 217,000 shares and 491,000 likes.

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