Teacher in trouble after ignoring peanut allergy in class project

File photo.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
File photo. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Credit: John Moore

Credit: John Moore

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A teacher of a computer technology class at Pembroke High School was demonstrating how to build a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

According to the mother of a freshman student, the teacher asked if anyone had a peanut allergy and the freshman informed the teacher he is severely allergic, but the teacher continued on with the demonstration anyway.

“I was so surprised to hear that there was a teacher using peanut butter,” Pembroke senior Shawn McSweeney said.

The student did not have an adverse reaction, but his mother released a statement expressing her concern.

“The teacher acknowledges it was a gross lack in judgment. We feel this is a learning experience for everyone involved,” she said.

The school district is not releasing the teacher’s name, but in a statement to Boston 25 News acknowledged the incident and said that particular classroom has been scrubbed thoroughly.

“The school has protocol for allergen cleaning and those were initiated immediately,” the statement said.

Even though the classroom was sanitized, the class demonstration is concerning to parents like Stacey McSweeney.

“There’s definitely alternatives they could’ve used. They could even change to baloney and cheese,” she said.

McSweeney has two children at Pembroke High School; both have severe peanut allergies.

“They carry their EpiPen in their backpack, There’s not much I can do  (but) just be as cautious as we can,” she said.

The school district would not say if the teacher is facing any sort of discipline, only that it is being handled internally.

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