Subway's $5 footlong out, wraps and paninis are in

Subway is moving away from the $5 footlong as other menu items are being tested out.

USA Today reported that many restaurant owners -- every Subway is franchised  -- complained in the past about selling so much food at such a low cost. In response, the company's CEO Trevor Haynes announced that starting this month, each franchisee will be able to decide whether or not to offer the sub.

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"How do we help our franchises with more of a regional value message, so they're able to (have) a value proposition that fits with their economic model?" Haynes told USA Today. "If you look at California, there's a very different cost of business than in Arkansas."

Instead, some locations are offering a $3.99 6-inch sub, like in the case of San Francisco, Haynes said.

Credit: Joe Raedle

Credit: Joe Raedle

In March, wraps began to be offered at restaurants, which Haynes said have been “extremely successful for our brand.” California locations are experimenting with paninis and other sandwiches that are being referred to as “regional flavors,” such as a California club that has turkey, avocado and a mustard seed spread and a Provencal tuna melt with tuna, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and Provencal herbs.

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