Student suspended over 'stolen' chicken nugget

A Knoxville, Tennessee teen had a one-day suspension after being accused of stealing at school.

The item he was accused of taking - a chicken nugget.

But the catch was he actually paid for the food.

Carson Koller said he was hungry and wanted an extra nugget during lunch. He had six instead of the normal five.

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When the senior went to pay for his lunch, the cafeteria worker told him he'd have to pay for an extra lunch. So he ponied up the payment. But when he left the lunch line, he was taken to the principal's office, accused of theft of property, WATE reported.

The principal said he would be suspended for a day.

Koller said the confusion over whether he took the nugget illegally happened because he was nervous and didn't tell the principal that he paid for the extra food, WATE reported.

Koller's mother Carrie took to Facebook after emailing the principal.

She said "I am shaking my head over this and not sure what to do...laugh, punish, argue, dress him up as a nugget bandit, or let it go. Does the suspension matter on his records?"

**UPDATE** Principal Siebe addressed my letter promptly and, after additional investigation, quickly lifted Carson's...

Posted by Carrie Koller Waller on Monday, October 31, 2016

Koller's account also showed that he had been charged three times for lunch - once for the first lunch, second for the single extra nugget and third for when officials said he took the extra nugget without paying.

The school eventually investigated and found that he did pay, lifted his punishment and removed it from the permanent record. He only missed part of one class, WATE reported.