Stranded llama rescued from flooded pasture

Howard County Fire and Rescue crews had to make an usual rescue after heavy rains flooded a pasture in Maryland.

Two rescuers braved water that was knee-high to get a llama stranded by floodwaters to safety, Sunday, WRC reported.

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The pasture is near the Patuxent River, The Baltimore Sun reported.

"The whole pasture had filled up with water from the flooding overnight. It was deep enough that there was no way it was going to cross," "Denise Weist, spokesperson for the Howard County Department of Fire and Emergency Rescue Services, told the Sun.

While the rescue was unusual, and crews had spent the day rescuing people from their cars, they do help get animals to safety when they can.

"It just happened to be that we were in a situation where we could help out," Weist told the Sun.

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