Stepdaughter, 26, asks stepdad, 55, to make it official and adopt her

He’s been part of her life since she was 9 years old. Now, Lindsey Collins is making it official.

Lindsey first met her stepdad when he came to pick up her mom, Jamie Collins, for a date. Lindsey said Mark High sat down and listened as she showed him every stuffed animal and every Pokemon card she owned, the "Today" show reported.

As High and Lindsey’s mom got serious, he’d add to Lindsey’s card collection then take Jamie on a date.

Eventally High and Collins got married in 2001. Lindsey was a part of the ceremony. High treated his stepdaughter as if she was his biological child.

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They had talked about adoption, but never got around to it.

But at the age of 26, Lindsey decided now was the time, and she asked High to be her dad on Father’s Day.

"It is never too late. If anything ever happened to my mom, their marriage is the only thing that signifies that we're connected. I wanted to be his daughter." Lindsey told "Today."

She wrapped the adoption papers and gave them to High as his Father’s Day gift.

He didn’t realize what he was reading until he saw the word adoption, and then he started crying.

High told "Today" that he still cries about it months later.

“I was totally surprised. I lost it, because I always wanted to be her father,” he said.

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