State troopers rescue man, dog from bottom of cliff

State troopers in New Jersey rescued a man and his dog who got stranded while out on a hike Monday night.

A hiker called 911 when he got lost while hiking and was trapped on an incline at the bottom of a cliff.

The man was grasping a tree to keep from falling, WRNJ reported.

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Troopers were sent to find the man, but they had difficulty finding the poorly marked trail in the rain and dark, reported.

First, they were able to drive down the trail, but they had to hike the rest of the way, for about a mile until they found the man and his dog, WRNJ reported.

They were alerted to his location as they blew whistles and yelling, trying to find him.

Neither the man nor his dog was hurt in the fall, but the temperature fell to about 55 degrees, and they had been in the rain for what troopers called an "extended period," reported.

When the troopers realized they couldn't get down to the man, they, along with firefighters, did a high-angle rescue, with one trooper lowered to the man's position by rope, and hoisted first the dog and then the man to the top of the cliff, WRNJ reported.

The man was treated at the scene of the rescue and released. The rescue took about two hours, WPIX reported.

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