Some Florida parents arm themselves against 'creepy clowns' on Halloween

Parents and their kids in Florida will be hitting the streets for candy on Halloween, but there’s something else more serious that has them worried: creepy clowns.

Many parents told WFTV that they will do what it takes to protect themselves and their kids," said Kelsey Shagene.

Some parents said they’ve considered going as far as arming themselves.

"If you arm yourself, that's your right. I'd arm myself too, just tonight anyways, being Halloween. I know it's supposed to be a nice night, but you never know, clowns or anything else,” said Kevin Querciola.

Wearing a mask on a public roadway or in a public place with the intent of harassing or intimidating someone is against the law,” authorities said.

"They need to realize there could be tragic consequences,” said Lt. John Herrell, with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. “Get the word out to these kids who may think it’s funny to scare people with these clowns and everything that is going on, and just tell them to slow down, and think about their decisions and their actions."

Others said that they don't agree with the thought of people arming themselves during trick-or-treating.

“That's awful because then the good creepy clowns are going to be mistaken for the bad creepy clowns and then innocent people get hurt,” Jeri Servino said.