Snapchat video of student snorting powder in class leads to disciplinary action

Credit: ActionNewsJax

Credit: ActionNewsJax

A Glynn Academy student is facing disciplinary action after a viral video appears to show that student snorting white powder through a straw during science class.

“It kind of terrified me because I was like, 'Are they actually doing that in class?'” said Glynn Academy senior Ashlee Savage.

Glynn County Schools Superintendent Virgil Cole said the white powder was actually baking soda or salt being used in a science experiment.

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"Wasn't very smart. And obviously, I'm disappointed in that child's behavior as well as the students who would videotape that and think that would be the way to go," Cole said.

Cole said he hopes the video is an opportunity to talk about the very real issue of drugs on campus.
Action News Jax reported in March 2016 that an undercover officer posed as a student at Glynn Academy for six months in a drug bust that led to eight arrests.

“I think [at] every school, unfortunately, in our society, that’s a big issue,” said Cole.

Cole said the biggest drug problem among Glynn Academy students is vaping.

Savage said she frequently sees students vaping on her school bus.

But Savage wanted to set the record straight about the viral video.

“I want them to know it’s fake. I want them to know it’s just us being silly, but it’s not right what we did,” Savage said.

Glynn Academy PTSA posted this statement on Facebook on Thursday afternoon:

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