Shelter dog wins internet with smiling face


Shelter dog wins internet with smiling face

A smiling dog is winning the internet as he tried to find his fur-ever home.

Meet Cheech.

He was recently taken to a Waller, Texas, animal shelter, WTVT reported.

The City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue posted photos of their new ward last week, and they quickly received applications for adoption from families who want to bring Cheech’s smile into their lives permanently.

Cheech’s smile won over Carrie, and her other dog Dusty, and they were the ones chosen to become Cheech’s family.

Carrie lost her German shepherd last week, and Dusty refused to eat. Now Carrie’s and Dusty’s home is full once again.

Some of the shelter workers said they were not sure if Cheech was smiling or snarling at first, WTVT reported.

The shelter, which was founded by first responders and those who live in Waller, is the only shelter in the county. There is also the city pound, but animals that were taken there were only able to be kept for 72 hours before having to be put down.

That’s why the shelter and rescue group was created: to give animals time to get new homes.

The shelter, which is located at the city’s former jail, isn’t open to the public yet, but it will officially open in November. It runs only on donations and the efforts of volunteers.

Cheech Photo courtesy: City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue
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