Sex-trafficking suspect says jurors won't be fair due to #MeToo movement

Credit: DuPage County Sheriff's Office

Credit: DuPage County Sheriff's Office

A man accused of selling women into sexual slavery has attorneys who want to get his trial postponed as they do not believe he will be judged fairly by a jury during the #MeToo movement.

According to Raw Story, citing the Chicago Tribune, lawyers for Benjamin Biancofiori, a man accused of issuing "death threats, vicious beatings and other abuse to force women into sexual servitude," submitted a motion to the U.S. attorney's office last week that associated the defendant to Harvey Weinstein when asking for a delay in his trial.

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“In view of the extraordinary attention to and enflamed (sic) societal passion on the subject of male sexual misconduct, Mr. Biancofiori cannot hope to select a jury that is untainted by the veritable flood of reporting on the subject,” wrote Biancofiori’s lawyer, Andrea Gambino, according to the news outlet.

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According to the news outlet, the motion argued that Gambino would need to create a questionnaire to eliminate the jurors who have participated in the #MeToo movement or have had "their own individual experiences with male sexual misconduct."

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According to the news outlet, Biancofiori's lawyers are also trying to withhold from the evidence pool "a 124-page handwritten manifesto on pimping" that their client allegedly wrote.

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