Secret Santa pays off layaways at Michigan Walmart

A little Christmas kindness has gone a long way at a Michigan Walmart.

A Secret Santa paid off the layaway accounts for multiple people at the Midland Walmart Monday, WNEM reported.

One woman had about $230 worth of gifts held by the store. But employees at the store texted the woman and said that the account was almost paid in full. All she had to contribute was a penny, according to WNEM.

An unidentified good Samaritan paid about $3,000 to pay off layaways that had gifts for children.

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Store workers wouldn’t spill the beans about who helped spread the blessings of the holiday.

But Michigan isn’t the only place that Secret Santas have been helping those who need it most.

A couple in Idaho were the beneficiaries of $50,000 and health insurance for a year, thanks to a man who is gifting $500,000 to people who could really use it.

Erica Crow and Brad Crow and their adopted children have been living in a camping trailer as they build a home. Brad Crow was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14 and eventually beat it. But this summer, he was hurt during construction and developed a staph infection. His leg had to be amputated, East Idaho News reported.

Brad Crow's health insurance runs out next month, causing financial hardships in addition to the physical and emotional pain he's been dealing with, the radio station reported

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