San Francisco fire station fighting to keep resident tortie cat

Credit: Aleksandr Rogozin/Unsplash

Credit: Aleksandr Rogozin/Unsplash

A San Francisco, California, fire department is asking for the public’s help saving their resident cat.

KGO reported that an anonymous complaint was made with the city about Edna being around fire equipment, and now management has asked the staff to get rid of her by Tuesday.

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The tortoise shell cat first showed up at the firehouse four years ago as a feral kitten.

"We slowly started to show her love and care, and she (became) our family," an email from Station 49 to San Francisco Chronicle said. "Now she is always there, and is the most docile, loving baby.

“We take her to the vet now, give her treats and she calls our station home now. As I’m sure you can imagine, our jobs are very, very stressful. A lot of us see Edna as our little stress unit.”

In addition to providing comfort to the staff, Edna also catches mice and keeps birds out, KGO reported.

Edna, who already has a strong following on Instagram, has been met with support with #ednastays , which has been appreciated by the staff.

Supporters can also help by emailing to get Edna to stay, according to the station.

KGO contacted the San Francisco Fire Department about the matter, but they have yet to respond.

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