Rub-a-dub-dub: There's a deer in the tub

Credit: Fenton Police Department

Credit: Fenton Police Department

This was a strange breaking-and-entering case for Michigan police.

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A deer wandered into a Fenton home early Wednesday, sat down in a bathtub and refused to leave, WNEM reported.

Police believe the deer may have been hit by a car and then crashed through a window, the television station reported. The animal then walked through the home, entered the bathroom and sat in the tub, WSMH reported.

Sgt. Dave Reinfelder, of the Fenton Police Department, said officers called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the wildlife officials came and took the deer away, the television station reported.

Before wildlife officials arrived, the homeowner threw lettuce in the bathroom in an attempt to coax the deer out of the tub, Reinfelder said.

Wildlife officials said the deer received cuts to its head and near its eye, WNEM reported.

The deer did not cause any damage in the house, police said.

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