Real-life Dug the dog from 'Up' will brighten your day


A real-life Dug, the talking dog from the movie "Up," tried his best to maintain conversations after he was unleashed on people in a park.

The video "Dug In Real Life," created by Disney, was posted Thursday to YouTube.

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A Golden Retriever was fitted with a special collar, which looks like a live-action version of the one from the animated movie. In the movie it translates Dug's thoughts and barks into words.

This device also appeared to work similarly.

"Hi there my name is Dug and I'm on a mission to meet new friends," he says. "I can talk because my collar allows me to talk."

Dug tells a boy wearing a red shirt how much he likes the "grey shirt" he is wearing.

He plays fetch with some children, gets petted and even meets another dog wearing a "cone of shame" medical device.

"Where is your owner?" someone asks when Dug walks over.

"My master?" Dug answers. "He is on a blimp with a small mailman."

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